Epsilon Delta Chapter at Rogers State University

Alpha Sigma Tau

Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,

As your daughter makes the transition from high school to Rogers State University, one decision that will impact the rest of her life is whether or not to join a sorority. The Greek community plays an important role on campus as well as throughout the community. Leadership, scholarship, community service, and sisterhood are the ideals that founded each of our organizations.

We believe that our Greek community at Rogers State University positively contributes to student development. Membership in a sorority helps students feel a connection to the University and their chapters. It offers a scholastic support system, service opportunities, and close friends who will provide encouragement and support when times are difficult.

While each chapter differs in what it requires of its members, there are certainly time commitments for sorority affairs. Chapters normally have a weekly membership meeting, meetings for new members, and meetings for the executive board. Additionally, special events such philanthropies, socials, recruitment, and initiation occur during the year which members normally attend. 

The friendships your daughter will make through their chapter can also last into post college years. Greeks have national networks for members to use for securing jobs and advancing their careers. Membership in a chapter is a life-long experience that the members and the sorority enjoy together. Joining now is really an investment in your daughter's future as they will reap the benefits now and for a lifetime. Wherever a member decides to reside after college, chances are she will be able to find other members of her sorority. 


Let's stay focused here, your daughter's main reason for attending college is purely academic. Alpha Sigma Tau requires at least a 2.5 grade point average in order to be initiated. Students often find time management difficult when moving from a highly structured high school environment to the freedom of college. Greek membership assists in that transition by offering scholarship programs that may include study partners, mandatory study hours, and time management workshops. Most chapters elect a scholarship chair who assists with these efforts and upholds chapter standards. Some chapters even offer scholarships for academic achievement. Your daughter can access the network of chapter members who already know how to use campus resources like the library, tutors, computer labs, and academic advisors. Nothing, however, can take the place of a disciplined and academically focused student to ensure success in college. Thanks, in part, to the chapters’ academic goals and these programs, many chapters’ cumulative grade point average exceeds a 3.0.


Greek life abounds with opportunities to get involved in leadership roles within each chapter, as well as on campus. Officer positions are available within each chapter, but chapters also encourage their members to get involved as leaders in other campus organizations such as service groups and student government. Involvement in these different areas will provide your daughter with a well-rounded college experience, a benefit that will last far beyond graduation.


Being in a sorority is about making friendships that will last far beyond your daughter's college years. Their sorority sisters are there to support and mentor, to help make the transition to college both easy and fun. Sisterhood means more than wearing letters, attending meetings, or going to socials. It is a feeling and sense of belonging. It is being respected for individuality and knowing your sisters will be there to help out along the way.


Above all else, your daughter will make memories that will last a lifetime. Having a group of sisters that you can count on to love you and be there for you no matter what you do is an irreplaceable feeling. I genuinely hope your daughter joins a Sorority at Rogers State because it will truly enrich their lives. I hope to meet your daughter, and I hope one day to call her my sister. 


Charli Stoots, Class of 2017
Epsilon Delta Chapter Advisor

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